ACME MODELMAKERS makes the invisible visible.

How do you show that a tree is growing, or how does one demonstrate time? Slaughtering pigs at home does not exist anymore; how can one recreate this? Leonardo da Vinci’s head is known from portraits of different sizes, technique and lighting; what did the real Leonardo look like? What happens deep in the body, with the vertebrae and discs with a hernia?

Large 3-Dimensional objects help the viewer to get an insight in making the invisible visible.

There are often more possibilities, as the customer would suspect. It is necessary to answer certain questions together such as:

  • is the object meant to be outside or inside
  • are people allowed / or have to be able to touch the object

We have the different techniques and materials (like Polyurethane, Epoxy Resin, Silicones, Plasters, Fibrocement) and contacts available to make the invisible visible.

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